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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Charge Conference Follow-Up

Don’t forget to go back into Gateway and submit any saved reports that need to be submitted. Most importantly, the clergy compensation report needs to be submitted no later than one week after your charge conference.

CHARGE CONFERENCE UPDATE – This will be posted at the top of the blog each week until Charge Conference Season is over. Please use the following links to access the Charge Conference Information you may need.

For charge conference schedules which list the dates, times and locations, please go to: http://www.bwcumc.org/sites/default/files/pdf/WashRegionChgConf2011.pdf.

For Charge Conference Sample Forms, please go to: http://www.bwcumc.org/gateway/chargeconferencemain and scroll down to the appropriate section.

For information on Clergy Housing and Compensation, please go to: http://www.bwcumc.org/gateway/chargeconferencemain and scroll down to additional resources.

For information about how to update your committee listings, please go to: http://www.bwcumc.org/sites/default/files/pdf/2011GatewayManual.pdf.

For information about Call to Action Numerical Goals, please go to:

For information about the charge conference agenda, please go to: http://www.bwcumc.org/sites/default/files/pdf/2011%20charge%20conference%20agenda.pdf.

Instructions for 2011 Charge Conferences
The theme for the 2011 Charge Conferences is GO DEEP! Here are some key things to you will need to know to have a successful Charge Conference.

* Host churches will provide beverages and paper products. All other churches are asked to bring finger foods (desserts or appetizer-type items).

* The goal of having charge conferences in clusters is to share with and learn from neighboring churches. The sharing time during worship is crucial to this process, and it depends on your preparation for that time. Therefore, Please ask ONE lay person from your church to be prepared to answer the following question – and to speak for no more than 2 minutes:

Share a witness of how your small group did one of these things:
• Deepened your faith;
• Helped you to connect in a meaningful way with another person; and/or,
• Showed you something new/unexpected about God.

* Review the agenda. http://www.bwcumc.org/sites/default/files/pdf/2011%20charge%20conference%20agenda.pdf

* Share the date, time and location of the charge conference with your church council. To view the charge conference schedule, go to http://www.bwcumc.org/sites/default/files/pdf/WashRegionChgConf2011.pdf. Each church is expected to attend worship and charge conference. Please be sure to view the schedule details on the day of your charge conference to determine if your charge conference is before or after worship.

* Be sure that the appropriate team in your church is ready to handle the assigned reports. Pastors – please work with your church administrators to review the Committee Listing in Gateway and ensure that it is correct and up-to-date. For information on how to update the Committee Listing, go to http://www.bwcumc.org/sites/default/files/pdf/2011GatewayManual.pdf.

* Use sample reports to collect charge conference information. Sample reports can be found at http://www.bwcumc.org/gateway/chargeconferencemain. We suggest that you document the answers to the reports in a Word document and then when you are ready to complete the report in Gateway, use the Word document to cut from and paste directly into the Gateway form.

* Be sure that all candidates (ordained ministry, lay speaking, CLM) to be recertified (or voted on in any way) are present at the charge conference. If they are not present, the will not be eligible to be voted on. If there is a compelling reason that a candidate cannot attend the charge conference, prior permission must be obtained from the guide or district superintendent.

* All reports are to be completed and ready for your guides to review in Gateway one week prior to your charge conference. If there is an omission and forms are incomplete, you will be contacted by your guide.

* For more information about completing the reports, please see the training documents at http://www.bwcumc.org/resources/training.

* Only enter whole digits on Gateway forms. Do not use decimals, percent signs or dollar signs.

* Print the following documents for all attendees at charge conference so they can see what they are voting on. Please be sure they are in the order as it appears on the agenda:

o Pastor’s Report
o Call to Action Numerical Goals
o 2012 Congregational Goals
o Ministry to Disciples
o Clergy Compensation Report
o Finance Committee Report
o Lay Leadership Development Form

* Prepare a folder to give to your guide with all of the forms listed above. Be sure that this folder is in the order of the agenda.

* Prepare ballots for all categories of lay speakers, with names, candidates for recertification as CLM’s and recommendations of ministerial candidates.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the local church to maintain the files of the Laity Sexual Misconduct Questionnaire and to verify lay speaker reports. Please do not give these forms to your guide.

* Be that sure that the online clergy compensation report is correct (accurate as to what was voted on at charge conference) and SUBMIT.

* Record votes for lay speakers, CLM’s and ministerial candidates and SUBMIT.

* Send minutes to washregion@bwcumc.org within two weeks of charge conference.

* Remember to update any new officers and end terms of retiring officers in Gateway under the Committee Listings.

Appointment and Evaluations Forms are Live!
The Appointment and Evaluation forms are ready for use.

• Go to www.bwcumc.org/gateway/appteval

• 2011 Appointment Advisory form for Clergy in Local Congregations
o A small change was made to gather additional information if Clergy are working outside the church. See sample link below to view changes (it is near the bottom of the form)

• 2012 Pastoral Goals (Call to Action)
o A new survey was created to capture up to five goals that are in keeping with Call to Action initiatives. Sample link below.

ERT Class at Fairhaven on October 22 Postponed!
The ERT class scheduled for October 22, 2011 at Fairhaven United Methodist Church has been postponed. A new date will be forthcoming.

Youth Financial Literacy Program
Market USA Federal Credit Union is hosting a Youth Financial Literacy Program at the Conference Mission Center on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 7 p.m. Topics of discussion will be budgeting, credit management and identity theft. RSVP to memberservices@marketusafcu.com.

Hosting Visiting Churches
The Conference Mission Center receives a number of calls each year asking if we know of churches in the DC area that are willing to host churches visiting from outside the area - usually with youth groups or those working on mission projects. Requirements include churches that have showers and can provide overnight accommodations. If you have a church that can host, please email pmullay@bwcumc.org.

Visioning 2020 – Listening Days
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

We invite the laity and clergy of the Baltimore-Washington Conference to help create the future our Conference’s future by attending one of the twelve listening/town hall meetings that will be held the end of October and November.

In 2005 we had the four days of “great discernment” with our bishop and conference leadership to set goals and plans through 2012. These four days shaped the direction and goals for our Conference. The Discipleship Adventure reflected the deep desire in our conference for vital Acts 2 congregations. Our Conference Vision “to become more like Christ” and our Mission “to call, equip, send and support disciple-making leaders to grow Acts 2 congregations for the transformation of the world” emerged from those listening sessions. The Big Holy Audacious Goal to have 600 Acts 2 congregations by the end of 2012 was a direct outcome of those conversations and demonstrated a trust in God and a commitment to measure our progress to end the trend of decline. Four hundred and eight (408) of our congregations so far became Acts 2 congregations by the end of 2010. Progress has been made in each of our districts in the face of a multitude of challenges. We already accomplished six of our eight 2012 goals. We want that to continue the strong progress we made toward our goals.

Today as we plan for our future, we build on our past and the beckoning Call to Action from our bishops and denominational leadership. We will also be informed by and build on the planning and goal setting that each of our congregations are presently engaged in. Building on the Discipleship Adventure, The Call to Action and your ministry plans are the pathway for a fruitful future.

The BWC Discipleship Council began discussing the need and process for a 2020 Vision at the beginning of 2011. The Discipleship Council wants both lay and clergy input from across the Conference.

The following days and locations are set aside for times of prayer, conversation and listening to where God is calling us. We need your input and participation. We also need you to register prior to the event so that we can prepare for your participation. Please register online by using one of the following links. You may attend an event in any region. The registration deadline is one week prior to each event.

Western Region: October 27, Thursday
1. 9-11 am, Centre Street UMC, Cumberland, MD
2. 2-4 pm, Asbury UMC, Shepherdstown WVA
3. 7-9 pm, Middletown UMC, Frederick, MD


Annapolis/Southern Region: November 7, Monday
1. 9-11 am, Severna Park UMC, Severna Park, MD
2. 2-4 pm, Trinity UMC, Prince Frederick, MD
3. 7-9 pm, St. Paul UMC, Oxon Hill, MD


Washington Region: November 15, Tuesday
1. 9-11 am, Damascus UMC, 9700 New Church Street, Damascus, MD
2. 2-4 pm, Good Hope Union, 14680 Good Hope Road, Silver Spring, MD
3. 7-9 pm, Jones Memorial UMC, 4625 G Street, SE Washington, DC


Baltimore Region: December 8, Thursday
1. 9-11 am, Ames UMC, Bel Air, MD
2. 2-4 pm, Epworth Chapel, Baltimore, MD
3. 7-9 pm, Towson UMC


Should you require assistance registering please contact your Regional Administrator or Nancy McCarthy, Administrator, Connectional Ministries at nmccarthy@bwcumc.org, or by calling (410) 309-3400.

We look forward to seeing you at one of your regional meetings. Your participation is important as we renew our commitment to growing vital congregations. You may forward this email to church members and post in your weekly bulletin.

In Christ,

John R. Schol, Bishop 
Cynthia Taylor, Chairperson, Discipleship Council
A. David Argo, Director of Connectional Ministries